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No, this is not me, but this is the coolest picture I have ever seen. To me it epitomizes the individualism that motorcycling is all about. Even the guys in the truck are impressed!

If you like touring on a a motorcycle, you may find some things of interest here. This web site is intended as a diary of motorcycle touring trips that I have made with my riding buddies. I do not particularly care for riding in large groups and prefer a small group of no more than four, although less is always better.

I know there are many folk who like to ride alone, others in large groups and some even truck or trailer their motorcycles to where they want to ride. The one thing I have learned is that those who ride motorcycles are the most diverse bunch of people you are ever likely to meet. It does not matter what your style of riding or dress is, there are other just like you. Even if you believe you are the worlds greatest motorcycle non-conformist, there will be non-conformists out there just like you. The only common thread is that we all love to ride, even though our individual reason for that love may be miles apart.

I like road trips that include interesting places, fresh air and camping and will even tolerate a little rain to enjoy it! The trip is always what it is about, not the destination. There is always a feeling of disappointment when I arrive, I always wish it was just a little further.

Perhaps you like to do the same thing and maybe my experiences may be interesting to you and perhaps even prevent you from making all the mistakes I have made! Perhaps you may even find a few interesting places to ride to and some roads to ride on..

Ride safe, keep the shiny side up and you will have a better chance of staying on the right side of the grass.


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